Common types of investment

Investment mainly involves putting your finances to work to maximise the financial potential. Most people have a hard time accepting that betting is not a form of investment. In betting, you put all your money in an uncertain outcome which is very risky because there is a high chance you will lose all your money. Investors analyse and commit on an idea with a large capital and they have a high expectation for profits. An investment offers you different opportunities where you can invest your money and expect some interest gains.

Below are some common investment types

You can invest in a company by buying some shares of the stock. Buying these shares means that you are part owner of the company; you get to enjoy benefits like receiving profits from the company gains and having the right to vote in the shareholder’s meeting. Buying the stock of a company does not guarantee you interest rise of a permanent income. Stock values will fluctuate constantly depending on a number of factors.

Investors offer big loans to organisations which are commonly known as bonds. From the companies, the investors gain periodic interest payments and the amount the offered in bond when it matures. Government organisations, agencies and cooperates are the most popularly know bond dealers. The fluctuation of bond values highly depends on interest rate set by the companies.

Another common type of investment is the annuities. They are insurance contracts for insurance companies and individuals. These contracts use your finances to generate finance and make payments depending on the type of contract agreed on. There are two types if annuities; differed annuity which are future payments and immediate annuities which start immediately.  The benefits of annuities allow you to grow your business or investments without having to pay for annual taxes. The only tax included on the annuities is the retirement and income tax reduction.

Currently, the most rewarding investments in the field of business are the real estate investment. Real estate involves the purchasing, managing or owning real estate property with the aim of making some profits. You can get monthly income or immediate value appreciation depending on the type of property you are dealing with. Rental properties will provide monthly income to the owners to monthly payments by the tenants. Large family home can provide immediate revenue when real estate owners decide to flip and sell homes.

In some cases, saving can be a good form of investment. It depends on how much money you are saving and for how long. The main goal of the saving should revolve around using the finances make more money in order to qualify this as a type if investment. For instance, you can save for college which will help you get a job and earn some income. One risky type of investment is the business savings.  You can gain or lose interest from your business depending on different factors.

Did you know that some precious items can be considered a form of investment? Valuable items like jewellery can bring you some profit when you sell them in a few years.

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